D1-- A LIVING ship
Character Creation and First Steps

We made our characters!
Ron- Engineer, Captain of “Dougie”, a LIVING ship
David- Scientist, Commanding Officer “XO” on “Dougie", a LIVING ship
Ryan- “The Rook”, Engineer, in his own one-person shuttle
Nik- “Urion” tactician, in his own one-person shuttle, the “S.S Taco”
Jane- “Nosna” tactician, in his scout-ship, the “NAME HERE

There are teensy-tiny bits of plastic-y mini models of Star Wars ships that we all delight in fidgeting with. We get quite creative!

-Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far, away…
Character Creation and Ship Creation will one day have their own wiki pages, so I’m not going to detail that stuff here. Just plot. Mkay?
We find ourselves out in space, towards the outer rim of a galaxy. The inside bits were destroyed in a giant war, and since we were all living on colonies set up on the far reaches of the galaxy, not only did we live, we have done relatively well for ourselves and are mostly ignored by the large conglomerates that have start to spread into the outer rim, as well as ignored by any semblance of governing body.

Fuck. insert the segue here

We arrive at the Hot Cheese station, which was built into the side of an asteroid (SHEPARD?!)but something looks terribly wrong as we approach. Damn it, we just wanted some delicious nachos. For one, there’s a big pile of debris floating around the station that wasn’t there before, and some really scary-looking ships lurking around. Radio contact fails us, so we do what any rational space-commander would do and start shooting at them.

A space battle ensues. We roll D-4’s like never B-4 and eventually defeat those ’wascally scavengers.

After the space battle, we decide to dock at the Hot Cheese (HC) station, because the commander and commanding officer of Dougie want to see if they can find their favorite call-guy, Frank, who did not respond to their radio messages. At the HC station, we find things in disrepair. There’s a surveillance station, which Jool unlocks with his “Disengage Lock” skill (“Are you whistling again?!”). We watch footage of cute little -D.O.D’s – maintenance robots frantically grabbing people and stuffing them into chutes on the station. Then the footage goes black for a minute, and when footage returns, it is more panicked robots, post-explosion. We search in the chutes and find… THE ROOK! (and the death of a red-shirted character, flushed out into the void…)


but more importantly, THE ROOK!
He is searching for a briefcase and a daquiri. He was enjoying the daquiri at the bar before the explosion. By following one of the maintenance robots through a teensy-tiny maintenance passage, he finds stacks of purses and briefcases, and stacks of metal (but no stacks of beer). He finds two briefcases that look identical to his, but aren’t, and then goes back out through the tiny passage (in which his “giant bulbous ass” gets stuck). Having exhausted the exploration of the station, the group decides to abandon the station for a nearby re-stocking port, where they can hopefully find out what happened to HC.

I wish I remembered when this happened, but at some point we found some coordinates for other places near the inner rim of the galaxy… like… a plot point… damn context.

Before the group can arrive at the port, they encounter another group of smaller ships, with some bigger cruisers who totally mean business and almost kick our asses hard. There’s also a big giant behemoth of a ship that looks suspiciously like a bottle of cheap whisky, the “S.S Drinky-Crow”, which passes by our motley group without paying us much attention (thankfully!)
We barely defeat these fuckers, and then dock at the space port. We salvage a laser cannon (Dougie) and a science patch (NAME HERE).

At the port, there is a mineral-trading booth which is just completely over-run with people trying to sell off the things that they have salvaged from the explosion of the HC station. It’s generally a sketchy scene, with reputable-looking business fronts holding numbers of disreputable-looking people inside. Amazingly, the crew of the Dougie get a hero’s welcome and their docking fee of fifty hard-earned credits is waived, while the rest of us stragglers bend over and take it. They also get free missiles loaded onto their ship. And why? No one knows…
After a brief re-stock on red shirts with conspicuous laser burns, the crews reconvene and make plans to travel to the coordinates found on the computer chips.

Until next time…


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