A shadowy man from a shadowy planet... actually, we don't know where he's from yet.


Captain of Nameless Vessel???
Race: Humanoid
Race Feats: Due to the extensive amount of time, Nosna has spent traveling the galaxies, he knows how to avoid attracting attention to himself. As a result, it is not uncommon for him to overhear bits of information without notice. (Stealth/Awareness/y bonus)
Tactician Class

Skills (See Skill Tree Wiki for more info):
Hand Weapon (Weapon Proficiency 1, +2)
Heavy Weapon
First Aid
Crafting Skills (TBD)
Heroic Luck
Disarming Shot
Zone of Protection
Command (
1, +2)


(bear with me here since I’m still in the process of fleshing out details, as we all are)

Nosna seems by most accounts to be human, but there is something different about him that humans recognize in his company, suggesting that he may not be exclusively from human descent. He is of average stature and a build which suggests physical training but not excess. His attire is simple and utilitarian, of high-quality (but not ostentatiously-so) materials. Clothes and gear seem to be well-worn but not in disrepair, suggesting that Nosna has been traveling for some time. His posture and overall manner seem to be carefully considered to elicit a response of ease and to avoid notice, he is able to blend in to a scene flawlessly, seeming totally integrated with those around him.

If you were to approach Nosna in a crowded cantina, you would find him either quietly on the edge of the action or involved in conversation with one or two individuals. He speaks in a clear, but slightly raspy voice, only loud enough to be heard and not much louder, rarely without having something of necessity to say. His personality is not easy to discern as it seems to adjust itself to the situation, but all outward assumptions indicate someone who acts for personal, rather than societal reasons, yet does not make a habit of making waves, preferring to work from the outside of a situation in, with caution.

And… I think that’s all I’m going to tell you for now.


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